In-Person Tour

In-Person Tour

Stroll through themed showcase gardens

Stroll the gravel pathways and elevated “floating” walkways around eight different themed gardens at Garden Frog Nursery in Hillsboro. Pass through each gate to enter a new space and reveal the next garden. Come explore these colorful and lush gardens designed by internationally-renown, award-winning garden designer Iftikhar Ahmed of Treeline Designz. Showcase gardens will be on display October 10 to October 31 (see hours of operation below).

JAPANESE GARDEN –Capturing the calming elegance of the Northwest style Japanese gardens, this oasis contains elements which evoke peacefulness in the mind and body. Come view this lovely garden featuring soaring bamboo plants from Bamboo Garden, paved walkways by Western Interlock, paint by Miller Paint and large rocks by Oregon Decorative Rock.

OUTDOOR CAFÉ – With our restaurant choices now limited, this lovely setting demonstrates a wonderful solution for a contemporary outdoor forest dining experience featuring kitchen appliances by Sunset Outdoor Living, paver stones by Western Interlock and paint by Miller Paint

SLOPING SUCCESS – Dealing with a sloping yard? This garden shows how to make the most of a challenging space while still providing beauty, color and functionality. Let it take you to the gardens of the Babylon! Wall block and pathways by Western Interlock, paint by Miller Paint.

FORMAL GARDENS – This inviting garden demonstrates the linear, symmetrical nature of formal gardens. You may just think you are transported to France or England! Boxwood hedges and colorful flowers reign supreme. Pavers by Western Interlock, paint by Miller Paint.

MOSAIC – Inspired by the bricks, arches and mosaics in Eastern gardens, you will enjoy the intricate pops of color as you stroll the walkway and through the arches This beautiful and restful space is sure to inspire you. Tile by Contract Furnishings Mart and Pental, pavers by Western Interlock and paint by Miller Paint.

HALLOWEEN TREAT – This playful garden will put a smile on your face. Not spooky at all, the Halloween colors with pops of orange and black will be a treat for everyone. Paint by Miller Paint, paved pathways by Western Interlock.

YOUR BACKYARD – Everyone wants their backyard to be an enjoyable place for family and friends. Come be inspired by this beautiful contemporary Oregon-style space complete with firepit by Sunset Outdoor Living. Just add marshmallows! Pavers by Western Interlock, paint by Miller Paint.

ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS – Water is an essential element and this garden features a beautiful water feature to evoke relaxation and reflection. The lush green surroundings and seating makes this gorgeous garden extra special. Paint by Miller Paint, pavers by Western Interlock.

Showcase gardens will be on display October 10 to October 31. Hours of operation for Garden Frog Nursery:
  • Monday: 10AM–5PM
  • Tuesday: 10AM–5PM
  • Wednesday: 10AM–5PM
  • Thursday: 10AM–5PM
  • Friday: 10AM–5PM
  • Saturday: 10AM–5PM
  • Sunday: 10AM–4PM

Thank you to our amazing Garden Sponsors!

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